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Give this artwork a good home!


brightwater06272012 (5)

Puget Sound – near the outfall of the conveyance pipe that transports treated wastewater from Brightwater Treatment Plant.

photo 1

Wastewater starts here…

brightwater06262012 (16)

One spot in the huge network of pipes at Brightwater.

brightwater06262012 (18)

Massive infrastructure.


Over the last year I have been working on a public art project for the Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center, as part of a program commissioned by 4Culture.  As part of the construction of the new treatment plant at Brightwater, a conveyance tunnel was built to transport the treated wastewater out to the Sound.  My temporary public art project takes this concept of conveyance as a jumping off point from which to focus on how we experience our connection to the vast system that runs beneath all our streets, that we contribute to every day. I’m working on the final touches of the project and will be rolling it out in the next month. More details to come.

This spring I taught a class on Eco-Art at UW-Tacoma. We partnered with the MAST center aquarium to create a public art project for their atrium. The MAST center has been working on a project called “Got Caps?” to educate people about the impact of plastic debris on the oceans.  My students worked with thousands of plastic bottlecaps collected through the MAST center’s program- these caps are not recyclable at local facilities.  They created this jellyfish installation, named “PETE” in a few short weeks.